Basic Services are customized to your facility and specific needs.  One of our management personnel will visit with you and tour your facility to gather the information needed to develop a complete janitorial program for your Restaurant. Dishwashing schedules are available to accommodate your needs. You will find our Dishwashing Staff and Management courteous, helpful, AND convenient.  We Carefully select a crew to fit each customer's specifications.  Our Dishwasher personnel are friendly, responsible and maintain a professional appearance and behaviour.

Arrival Times

We understand your time is valuable, therefore, we provide a time frame in which our Dishwasher service professionals will arrive.  Xin Hai Development Pte Ltd Dishwashing Services strives to arrive to scheduled washing in a timely manner; however, each restaurant gets the attention it deserves

Theft Policy

Xin Hai Development Pte Ltd is insured and bonded and we pride ourselves in hiring the best qualified individuals with integrity.  Before we allow any individuals in your Restaurant, a background check is conducted and approved.  In addition, should any concerns arise regarding missing items from a home, it must be brought to our attention immediately and we will respond accordingly including sending our crew to have a polygraph test conducted.  We also ask the Restaurant owner, if necessary, to file a police report in order to have all bases covered.

Cleaning Excellence

A lean cleaning concept

Aiming to bring a more efficient and lean cleaning concept to the customer we have developed dishwashing Excellence, which combines tried-and-tested working methods and tools with effective procurement processes and cost optimisation.We provide a professional Dishwashing concept to our customers by documenting work performance and stipulating key performance indicators in relation to our Service Level Agreement. Xin Hai Developement Pte Ltd aspires to achieve process excellence that will enable.